About Us

The Marked By Mission

Marked By is on a mission to create meaningful family experiences that result in creative products to be enjoyed by all. We believe that the organic process of art making is just as important as celebrating the final product.

Sisters Rachel Searles, a mother of two with a Masters in Early Childhood Education, and Dre Nelson, a mother of two and with a Masters in Art Therapy, first came up with the idea for Marked By as a means to  encourage families to explore the freedom of creative expression and witness first hand the impact of the mark that they make on the world. Utilizing the principles of Art Therapy and Childhood Education, they found a way to give meaning to the mess, resulting in art that could be celebrated by the whole family.

We believe that every splat, plop, squish, or woosh of paint hitting paper is an opportunity for a child to learn, laugh, and grow. By encouraging our little painters to embrace the creative process through hands-on play and sensory exploration, we teach young children to think for themselves and forget the rules. Through our key offerings, we encourage children to explore the freedom of creative expression and empower them to see the mark that they make on the world.

Sisters first, business partners second…

Between Dre’s life-long love of art and Rachel's brand-new love of being a first-time mom, they already had a business in the making — they just didn't know it yet. One day, during a casual crafting playdate with Rachel's then 1-year-old daughter, the idea for the first Marked By product was born — let's capture the energy, exploration, and creativity from a child's art session and transform their work into elevated household pieces.

More about Dre

Dre holds a master's in Art Therapy and believes everyone has an inner artist. While working with children through Art Therapy, she saw the positive impact art had on confidence and self-esteem. She discovered how a blank canvas can empower kids to be more creative. This is why she delivers the personal and hands-on experience of facilitating the painting session with each child for Marked By.

More about Rachel

Rachel holds a master's in Early Childhood Education. As a teacher, Rachel loved seeing her students light up when they made art. And then as a new mom, she couldn't wait to get her daughter covered in paint and get some classic pieces for the refrigerator. She suddenly realized they could do so much more with this timeless childhood artwork.